Bluelab Conductivity Pen

by BlueLab
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Measures conductivity and temperature. Selectable units for conductivity and temperature. Backlit LCD display with low battery warning. Successful calibration indicator and calibration is optional. Fully waterproof. Auto off function and hold reading function. Automatic temperature compensation. Units: EC, 500ppm, 700ppm, ᄚC, ᄚF. Range: 0.0 - 10.0 EC, 0-5000ppm (500ppm), 0-7000ppm (700ppm) and 0ᄚ-50ᄚC/32ᄚ -122ᄚF. Resolution: 0.1 EC, 10ppm (500ppm), 10ppm (700ppm) and 1ᄚC/1ᄚF. Accuracy @ 25ᄚC: ᄆ0.1 EC (@ 2.77 EC), ᄆ50ppm (500ppm) (@ 1385ppm), ᄆ70ppm (700ppm) (@ 1940ppm) and ᄆ1ᄚC/ᄆ2ᄚF. Battery type: 1 x AAA alkaline.

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